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QweryBuilder 7.4

2012/6/11 15:52:09 (609 downloads)

The purpose of QweryBuilder is to make accessing data from a database simple, quick, accurate and efficient. QweryBuilder implements innovative ideas to make this possible. An end user can extract and update data without writing a line of SQL. Database developers can create procedures, tables, views and triggers with fewer keystrokes. Best of all, you can do this with your SQL Server, ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle databases in one single application.

Software License: Shareware

Operating Systems Support: Microsoft Windows

Download Link: QweryBuilder 7.4

Homepage: QweryBuilder

Version ChangeLog:

Table popup doesn't work when right clicking on the following: tablename.columnname.
You can close result tabs while results are being loaded. The results in the application being unstable.
Add a new window that will let you edit external tools.
You can't enter more than 12 numbers in the criteria query window when typing in a number field.
Add quick access toolbar to ribbon.
Add option to view whitespace in SQL Editor.
The "View Data in Window" feature doesn't work for numeric's in the criteria query window.
For SQL Anywhere, Trigger DDL doesn't include table owner which prevents the create trigger statement from running successfully.
Format SQL doesn't handle NOT FOR REPLICATION statements properly.
For SQL Anywhere, add table name to Trigger Drop statement in DDL extract.
Add new Save Changes dialog and list all unsaved windows when closing application instead of prompting for each window.
For SQL Anywhere, use Message command in DDL extract instead of Print command.
Go to definition doesn't work when right clicking on the following: tablename.columnname.
For SQL Anywhere, remove owner from the index name when extracting table and index ddl.
Call Fetch command in second thread for SQL Anywhere.
Fix Index extract for SQL Anywhere.
Accessibility runtime DLL was missing from the installation.
Auto complete for columns belonging to temp tables doesn't handle the comma in numeric types.

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