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DVD Profiler 2.4.0 Build 868

2005/6/24 15:26:29 (1531 downloads)

DVD Profiler can manage any size DVD collection. It features extensive data collection, filtering and reporting features for managing/publishing your DVD collection with a database of over 150,000 DVDs created by an enormous community of dedicated users worldwide. DVD Profiler can be used to keep track of who borrows your DVDs, your DVD wishlist, and updated profiles, reviews, and prices for each DVD. It can also publish your DVD list to your own Web site for viewing by your friends and family.

Software License: Shareware

Operating Systems Support: Microsoft Windows

Download Link: DVD Profiler 2.4.0 Build 868

Homepage: DVD Profiler

Version ChangeLog:

The contribution system has been entirely rewritten to integrate directly into the website.
Shows all changed information by section
Shows current online locks set by section
Shows the last few contribution notes, with a link to the entire contribution note history
Allows selection of specific sections to contribute. Any unselected sections are not contributed.
Implemented integration with the upcoming DVD Profiler Pocket
Added ability (via right-click) to view contribution notes from the Refresh Updated Profiles list
While entering a title or overview filter, you can now use ctrl-space to flag the current entry
The current displayed information tab is kept when editing and saving a profile
The latest added DVD is now selected after adding DVDs
After editing or personalizing a DVD, the scroll point of the title listing is restored
Added optional color coding of names (first, middle, last) in skins via the new COLORNAMES attribute.
Added feature to set watched by from within Movie Pick, using the drop-down arrow in the upper right
Sort titles are now always private. The option setting has been removed.
Sort titles will now always upload to the My Profiler online collections display
Editing of sort titles is now under DVD->Personalize
Display of discs in the main profile display now show an indicator when the disc IDs are set, for side A and B
OK button set as default button on Studio/Genre edit windows
Added support for crew copy/paste via right-click menu
Adjusted automatic layouts to give more space to credits
Alias database download replaced with dynamic lookups
Changed contribution credit section to a hyperlink to a page which shows the contribution history
Purchase date of 12/30/1899 is now considered blank
Under DVD->Change UPC, new option to use the current inserted Disc ID
Added the following to writing credit type:
Based on Characters Created By
Based on Original Material By (existing 'Writer' credits will convert to this)
Revamped sound section in crew
Removed Contribution Guidelines from the help file. These will be replaced with the new Contribution Rules on the site. Also added two menu options (under Help and Online) to view the Contribution Rules
For multiple matches in credit info screen, the roles for a particular DVD are now listed on a single entry rather than one entry per role
Accepting an updated profile which alters cast or crew capitalization will now make the change to your cast/crew database
Added disc label to discs section
Moved DS/DL/Flipper flags into the disc section so they may now be tracked on a per-disc basis
Added 'Use release date' button to purchase date entry in Personalize window
Renamed Photo Gallery to Gallery
Split locks for cast/crew. Existing credit locks will convert to a lock for cast and crew
Now hides adult titles in refresh updated DVDs when parental control is hiding those titles
Added display of matching DVD count to Movie Pick
Added more maximum runtime options for Movie Pick
Added new option (under Tools->Options->Display) to expand box sets by default
Increased maximum studio name length from 25 to 35
Increased maximum title desc length from 25 to 35
Menu option to preview profile changes is no longer disabled when the profile appears to be up to date
Renamed Credits to Crew, and Actors to Cast:
Added section headers for Crew and Cast
Changed tags in skins to match; old tags will still work
XML tags for cast/crew were NOT changed (except for Credits lock tag)
Moved Director of Photography above Cinematographer in crew role assignment
Added support for "Last Watched" in skins (new elements LAST_WATCHED_BY, LAST_WATCHED_ON)
Increased maximum title (and sort title) length from 55 to 65
Added "Original Title" field (new skin element ORIGINAL_TITLE)
Increased maximum number of subtitles from 10 to 32; enhanced subtitle edit functionality
Added the following subtitle types: Trivia, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Farsi, Hebrew, Hungarian, Islandic, Polish, Slovakian, Tagalog, Thai, Tjeckish, Turkish, Xhosa, Zulu
Added new option to color-code names in Cast and Crew sections
Added new case type "Envelope"
When the center cover image is too large to fit, it may be panned by dragging with the mouse
The credits information window is now sorted by credit type
Backups now optionally include unused tags
Restore backup file now remembers the last file location between restores
Enhanced credit info window to allow scrolling through cast/crew for current DVD
New properties added to 'TITLE' skin element - 'SHOWTITLE', 'SHOWDESC' (Both default to YES)Under Add DVDs->By Title, the title search now correctly matches with or without article (entering 'Matrix' will now locate 'The Matrix)
The Movie Pick feature may now be translated
Fixed an error which allowed letters to be pasted into the Change UPC dialog
Fixed an error in skins which showd disc slot only when a disc location was entered
Corrected access violation when removing a DVD which has box set contents that don't exist
Corrected error which caused Easter Eggs to falsly show as changed in DVD Profiler's comparison
Genre edit name filter now matches based on translated genre
Genres now translate in Movie Pick
Corrected an error which caused duplicate entries in the translation file
Corrected an error which caused some profiles to remain in the Refresh Updated Profiles list after being updated
Restoring from backup now reloads studios into the filters section
Corrected an error which could cause disc location data to be copied into newly added profiles
Filtering by title now correctly searches the Description field
Timestamp for tag in XML changed to standard date/time format
Corrected an error which could cause tag and/or disc information to be mixed when moving titles between Owned, Ordered, and Wish List
Cast roles now display ampersands correctly

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