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You know that certain banner locations tend to be more successful than others. This picture illustrates ideal placements for your banners using news article page layout (See an Example). The colors fade from red (strongest effectiveness) to light orange (not so strong effectiveness). White color indicates content blocks (Navigation Menu, Articles, Comments, Additional Information, etc.). As you see, ads placed near high quality content is the best choice for you because users are focused on those areas of a page. All banner ads are described below to help when choosing the best placement option.

468x60 Top Banner. Banner is placed at the top of every page and is highly visible for new buyers. No more than 2 rotating ads. Costs $20 per month.

728x90 LeaderBoard. The most effective banner ad. Placed at the top of every page (below "Search for Software" form), leaderboard generates a lot of attention and is the best choice for most advertisers. No more than 2 rotating ads. Costs $50 per month.

468x60 Content Banner. Banner ad is placed below every article. This banner is not visible on homepage, but generates much more attention than standard 468x60 banner placed at the top, because visitors finish reading and ask themselves, “What can I do next?” Precisely placed ad can answer that question for them. No more than 2 rotating ads. Costs $30 per month.

160x600 Wide Skyscraper. Skyscraper ad is placed on every page in the left side below Main Menu. High visibility and great placement makes this ad worth even more than 468x60 banner ad placed below every article. No more than 2 rotating ads. Costs $40 per month.

Custom Banner Ad Format and Placement. Use this option if you need to place your custom banner ad in any position you want. Contact us for pricing.

To order your banner ad, use the image below and simply click the position you want to place your banner in. Banner ad will placed at Software News website for one month. Order will be processed immediately and our sales manager will send you login information in few minutes.

We use the most advanced ads management system to track banner impressions, clicks and provide more valuable information for advertiser. Every advertiser has unique username/password to access his control panel, modify ads, track impressions and view full campaign stats in real time.

Still not sure? Check our list of special offers and read what happy advertisers say!

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