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Date 2005/12/28 7:39:12

PSPad is a universal freeware editor. There is no complex install process; the program is ready to work immediately, without requiring customization. It supports many file types and languages, with syntax highlighting. There are macros, clip files and templates to automate repetitive activities. An integrated HEX Editor, Project support, FTP Client, Macro Recorder, File Search/Replace, Code Explorer, code page conversion, are just some of the many possibilities that PSPad can offer you.

Software License: Freeware

Operating Systems Support: Microsoft Windows

Download Link: PSPad editor

Homepage: PSPad editor
Version ChangeLog:

Unicode support.
Ability drag/drop text between editor windows.
Added opera8 support in program settings / system.
Added pasv command to keep ftp online.
Added the system variable %filename2% - returns file name without an extension.
Changed file type plugins. Read readme.Txt file in plugin directory. This is not a last plugin change. If you use plugins, please wait for the next build.
Clip files handling was rewritten.
Close all function added into file tab context menu.
Cobol highlighter - in highlighter settings is possible to set area a start, area b start and code end position.
Code explorer for fortran.
Connect to ftp button - added drop-down menu with the existing ftp connection list.
Copy directory with your last pspad full version to separate directory and replace pspad.exe from cab archive. You can work with both version together..
Double click in perl highlighter selects a variable include @, $, %.
Don't forget, this is first alpha version only !.
Expanded hash generator (md4, md5, sha1, ripemd160).
Expanded sql code explorer.
Expression evaluator allow you paste the result only or an expression with the result.
Extended end key option added to extended home key.
Extended home/end key separated to two options.
External applications and compiler setting - pspad suggest you the application directory in default directory selection.
File icons in ftp client.
File setting stores the right edge position too.
Hide file tab numbering - new option in the program settings / program-look.
In sort function is possible enter locale for sorting (available on WinNT only).
In spell check settings you can switch on/off auto correction.
Internal html preview refresh after save file if visible.
Is possible to change auto complete window size.
Kixtart highlighter - new keywords.
Max. Number of autocomplete items was limited to 20.
Mysql highlighter - added new mysql 5.0 keywords.
Native unicode support - you can write in several charsets together.
New comment styles $$ and //* *// in user highlighter.
New editor command ecSelWord - same functionality as Shift+ctrl+down.
New file tabs panel.
New korean localization added (shin ryu).
New option indent width (program settings / editor) - individual number of chars for the indent/unindent block. It has no influence if real tabs are used.
New scripting functions - printFile (print file - for text only !) And activate (brings editor to the top). New VBScript example - function for print all files.
New user highlighter comment style #| |# (clisp).
New variable in [special settings] section - simplefiletabs=0 switch off owner draw for file tabs - problems with 64bit os.
New wordwrap (i hope functional).
Possibility change clip list window size.
Program settings / program-look - you can set format of file tab numbers. If you don't want to have numbered file tabs, set format to %name%.
Proxy password is crypted now. If you used proxy password in program settings / internet, you must re-enter it.
Pspad registered itself into register, key "app paths". You will be able to run it without write path.
Rewritten insert text to lines (alt+i) function. You can insert begin and end of the text at once now.
Search.Ini file is obsolete. All settings was moved into recent.Ini file.
Search/replace in files - added unicode support - please test it before serious work.
Single click in the project tree activates a file if open.
Sort function with selected locale rules.
Speed optimizations - search/replace and reformat html.
Switch editors in split window with ctrl+tab or shift+ctrl+tab.
Tcl/tk highlighter extended of new keywords (expect extension).
Tcl/tk highlighter supports now tix extension.
The running time information added at the end of the compiler log.User convertors - the backward conversion takes replace list from the end.
User highlighters - new vcomment style " ". Only used comment styles are stored in definition.
You can switch off system file icons (speed up network drives access) in program settings.
A filename on the file tab wasn't visible if file has extension only and file extensions was hidden in the program settings.
Accented chars was marked as "bad" in java highlighter.
Add word to spell dictionary exception.
Added missing functionality comment/uncomment block.
Autocomplete function doesn't offer keywords from the user highlighter definition if no word was found in the text.
Autocorrection doesn't work in splitted window.
Autocorrection in html - problem with html elements.
Autorefresh window setting from the menu window.
Autosave - status bars flickers only if some file is saved.
Backup hex editor files unified with standard backup system.
Bad char coding in search in files result after search in oem or iso files.
C code explorer - function problem.
C++ code explorer and {} brackets in the string.
C++ code explorer and imported classes.
Calculate block function.
Char case change in win9x.
Click on the first line in the code explorer.
Clip shortcuts are restored after ctrl+space.
Clipboard monitor inserts 2 times texts copied in pspad.
Clipboard monitor pastes text with the line break.
Clips and problem with russian ? Char.
Code clips.
Code explorer and comments problem (c++, php).
Code explorer for oracle doesn't display whole package name if name contains char $.
Code explorer for perl and the hash variables/strings.
Code explorer for vb, c++.
Code format freezes program.
Comment code problems.
Comments and uncomment code if on the last line was selected one char.
Comments in foxpro.
Comment/uncomment code style in multihighlighter depends of actual highlighter.
Continue comments /** .. */ For c++, php.
Copy command during macro recording.
Corrected ctrl+right behaviour.
Corrected internal conversion table - ansi - iso-8859-2.
Css highlighting.
Ctrl+Double click select text include quotes.
Double click on word doesn't select whole word if numbers were contained.
Double click on word with accented chars with active highlighting.
Double click to select a word in the highlighters: sql, css, perl, cobol.
Delete word function on the end of the file.
Eol in unicode files depends of file type (dos/max/unix) setting in pspad.
Exception after change hex editor settings if bytes per column was set to 1.
Exception after close internal html preview with javascript.
Exception after run external tool from favourite tab if no file open.
Exception if code page different from ansi and 0 bytes file size.
Exception if pspad starts with parameters binary file + line number.
File change check for hex editor.
File without extension and highlighter detection.
Find in files - search in the ansi files.
Find in files function in unicode files.
Find in files in binary file closes pspad.
Flickering button problem.
Ftp client - refresh connect to ftp if disconnected.
Function autrefresh doesn't work from window menu.
Handled exception now if your e-mail client doesn't support simple mapi interface.
Hex editor and black background.
Hex editor and column number change with mouse wheel.
Hex editor colors doesn't corresponds to the program settings.
Hex editor ignores bytes per column setting.
Highlighter settings - buttons al, none don't activate apply button.
If clip contains empty lines, pspad inserts previous line instead empty line.
If no printer installed, print and print preview is disabled.
Incorrect address in internal html preview raises exception.
Individual tab width in highlighter settings.
Insert color from css clips doesn't respect css color format.
Insert text to lines function - insert text to position.
Insert text to lines if block was select from the end.
Internally rewrote huge of code (optimalization, unicode support).
Java - identifiers, started with accented chars.
Java code explorer and protected methods.
Javascript comment freezes program.
Missing %input%variable support in favourite tools tab.
Missing ecnextlinestart editor command.
Missing editor shortcuts (i hope its a final correction).
Mouse wheel in hex editor.
Mousewheel scroll - correct line scroll.
Msdos bat highlighter and echo followed by a command highlighting.
Multiline comments {} in user highlighter.
National chars in search and ftp dialog.
Negative numbers in the css highlighter.
New file with default template content doesn't respect code page from the menu format.
Nonsense string was stored in the project settings / web server if empty.
Open copy (ctrl+d) delete file after window was closed.
Open file from internet.
Option add cr+lf to eof wasn't functional.
Option wrap with right edge works again.
Pen file from internet - problem with file name if url ends with \.
Php - select word include '$'.
Possibility set main window from menu window.
Problem with left gutter size when you create bookmark.
Problem with the active scroll past eol option and the sort function.
Problems if pspad was running and file contains '.Exe' in the middle of the file name.
Program settings - some options doesn't enable "apply" button.
Pspad freezes with some user highlighters (e.G. Asp).
Pspad handles changes of printers number during pspad session.
Pspad shouldn't write into opera settings if isn't changed in program settings.
Reopen file and wordwrap.
Reopen file function from the ftp server.
Run external application causes a delay if you want return back to pspad.
Save as... With hex editor file.
Search in files - some options was disabled if different cp than ansi.
Search in files and Double click on the binary file in search result.
Search in r/o files.
Search next occurences doesn't work in some classes.
Search/replace in files keeps file format (dos/mac/unix).
Select block on the end of long file very slows program.
Select string inside brackets.
Select string inside quotes with mouse.
Senthesize text, cases when '?,' '?:' e.T.C..
Shift+space in hex editoru exception.
Small gui correction - char '&' in hints e.T.C..
Solved problem with editor keys.
Spell check and right mouse on word contains underscore.
Store user spell dictionaries into user profile.
Swap lines function in no while lines was selected.
Switch to hex mode and back doesn't keep cursor position.
Tcl/tk comment.
Text Differences - refresh function doesn't work, last line in first window wasn't processed.
Textdiff - missing lines into new file.
Textdiff - the result position depends of result setting from the program settings / editor.
The c++ code explorer and compiler defines.
The pspad freeze problem during clip insert.
User highlighter - some chars (e.G. ':') Wasn't highlighted as a symbol.
User highlighter and comment problem with #{.
User highlighter and comments after single and double quote.
User highlighter with specific settings freezes pspad.
Window flickers after reopen function (ctrl+r).
Window switching.
With active wordwrap and Double click in log wasn't active line visible.
With utf-8 code page was always crlf eol

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