TextPipe Pro 8.0.3

Date 2008/2/5 22:25:59

TextPipe is an automated text search and replace tool, working across multiple files in multiple folders. Convert text files between DOS, Unix, Amiga, Macintosh and fixed length record formats. Extract email addresses and URLs, encode/decode MIME, UU/XX and Hex email attachments, remove binary chars, ANSI escape sequences, white space from start and end of lines, blank lines, HTML, backspaces etc. It can also perform case translation, user-defined translations, word wrap and much more!

Software License: Shareware

Operating Systems Support: Microsoft Windows

Download Link: TextPipe Pro 8.0.3

Homepage: TextPipe Pro
Version ChangeLog:

Mainframe filters now insert implied decimals correctly when the fields are blank padded.
Right-clicking a filter now shows a 'Help on this filter' link which quickly takes you to the help file without needing to add the filter. Using Help\Embedded Help also constantly updates to show you help on the current filter.

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